The Maureen Project

Mixed Media Artist Featuring Photography and Encaustics and Featuring Her Soul-Stirring Collection of Images

Maureen Simon, Asheville, NC

~ Project Maureen ~

Maureen Simon of Asheville, presents her newest project, which she lovingly entitled, “Project Maureen”. 

Inspired by her childhood, her friends, and her ongoing quest to be true to who she is, Maureen is excited to share her vision of art and photography from Biltmore Iron and Metal, here in Asheville. 

This exhibit showcases her love of architecture, colors, metal, wood, and the abstract. The project will feature works of art in photography, mixed media, encaustics, along with a soul-stirring collection of images from her volunteer photography work at Haywood Street Congregation.

Encaustic & Mixed Media Art

Metals Photography

Galleries to View My Work

Haywood County Arts Council Waynesville NC

Haywood County Arts Council
86 N Main St
Waynesville, NC

Village Framers Waynesville NC

Village Framer
56 N Main St
Waynesville, NC

The Garage on 25 Maureen Simon Vintage Art Collectibles

Garage on 25
3461 Hendersonville Road
Fletcher, North Carolina 28732

Maureen’s Instagram Feed

Maureen’s Photo Print Store

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The Maureen Project Show Video

Video courtesy of Jubilee Community, Asheville, NC

Maureen shares how she came to accept and acknowledge her gifts and share them with the world. Her story will inspire many to heal the fears of conditioning to embrace the purpose of their soul’s longing to be seen, heard and accepted for what they came here to create. May her story inspire you to embrace your longing, may it stir you to acknowledge your gifts and step into the creative self present within and break through the walls of fear that keep us from embodying our true joy and purpose driven life.

What is The Maureen Project?

I call this the Maureen Project because I was recently asked how i would know when I had arrived at the place that I so desperately wanted to be at.

I can now come out and show others and myself, my art, my work, my fun, our fun, how to live, play and share.  The work that I present was not me alone and that is sweet, for I have had the absolute pleasure of enjoying my journey with my friends. I have learned a lot and have so much to be excited about. The energy  and hope I carry now is a sweet place and I am enjoying the pleasure it brings to me and to others. It is fun to be experimenting and trying new things. To risk, to imagine, to have doors that are opening, people who are sharing, people whom I can help and share my stories and pass on what has been so beneficial to me.


~ Maureen Simon- Artist, Photographer, Adventurer, Self Improvement Journey Traveler

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If you have a special request or would like to commission an art piece from Maureen, please send her a message with your details. She will contact you to set an appointment.

Maureen welcomes media inquiries to feature her work and talk about her journey as an artist and what it has taught her in life.

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